Analysis of Howard Stringer at Sony

Roger Ehrenberg over at Information Arbitrage has posted an interesting analysis of the predicament and performance of Howard Stringer, Sony’s CEO. It contains some information about the culture at Sony that is interesting to know in combination with their current PR problems in the games sector.

News has an interesting momentum. The lure of a good story, e.g. “Sony is arrogant / doing terrible”, is strong – I know I haven’t been able to resist it. But ‘public opinion’ can change rapidly. Remember when people hated Electronic Arts? Microsoft? Nintendo? Alright, some people still do, of course. But public image wise, these companies are doing much better now.

Still, that doesn’t mean Sony is doing great… does it?

I need more popcorn.

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  1. Chris Wells wrote:

    I think anti-sonyites are just having a field day. I myself was never a fan of the PS2 and am for some reason reveling in the PS3’s problems. There biggest problem I see is that they are more interested in saturating the market with Blu-Ray and have lost interest in pleasing game developers who are really the people who will make the PS3 successful or not. After just recently buying a good size HDTV and watching normal DVD’s on it, I can see the need for a HD movie format, however for my budget, this technology is still a couple of years away. One could say they have made a blunder in the gaming market with the BR/PS3, but Sony is a business, and the bottom line would profit more with their HD format as an industry standard than if the PS3 was more of a success. Remember the PS2 outsells everything still, so I doubt they are worried. And for Howard Stringer, he needs the stockholders to understand this and he seems to have become more of a PR rep than anything else. The press are ruthless.

    Posted 06 Mar 2007 at 11:31