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A short live-action movie about a hamster video game

YouTube – Live Action Hamster Video Game Awesome live-action Monty Mole video :D (Thanks, Laurens!)

A homebrew port of International Karate Plus for the Nintendo DS

International Karate DS Oh look, it’s IK+ homebrew for the DS! (Thanks Andi!)

Will Wright gets a prize from a Hollywood organization

Will Wright gets a prize from a Hollywood organization (via Gewgaw) Cool, and as Robin mentioned, cool because Will makes very un-Hollywood-ish games (or perhaps this is why he got the award?). It also helps that some of the other Very Well Known game designers are not American, I guess…

The contract between Activision and Spark for Call Of Duty: Finest Hour – Call Of Duty: Finest Hour – The Contract A rare look at the sausage-making behind the scenes. Via Grumpy Gamer. Ron Gilbert on that Call of Duty contract Ron Gilbert’s commentary on the Gamasutra article I just linked to. Had to link this to for the attorney quote that made me lol.

Reactable: a collaborative tactile musical interface

Reactable – collaborative tactile musical interface. The description says it all. Check it out, it is cool.

TV report on games from Austria

Treffpunkt Kultur – RPG’s, Virtual Games (ORF2 – December 18, 2006) – Google Video ZOMG a TV show on games from Austria in German! It features my friend Melissa Lumbroso. (Yes, this is in fact just a bookmark for myself.)

Footage from Namco’s The Idol Master

The Idol Master movie (Eurogamer) Namcooooo! Hire me! To work on this! Please!