I am a free-lance designer/producer now

A mere 6 months after announcing that I had been laid off, I am glad that I can finally say that I am working again. I am a free-lance designer/producer now.

As you may have read already, I am currently working at Replay Studios in Hamburg, who are hard at work on Sabotage, a PC World War 2 stealth game for the PC. This was arranged via game agency ML Enterprises.

It’s fun. I am doing some design work, some organizational work, some
process improvement work. A game about World War 2 made in Germany has
some piquancy all of it’s own, but beyond that it has a very interesting main character and setting, and it looks great.

If you’ve ever been on a project that kept moving it’s final deadline by a month… then another month… then one more, you kinda know what the last 6 months were like for me. I’ve been interviewing and applying for jobs almost constantly, and several times the ball was in my court and if I said yes it would mean moving to another country in a few weeks at most.

I said no every time. I have said no to some very good offers. It wasn’t easy. I don’t regret having done so, but I am not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I think I have become more risk-averse than I used to be. I have been at enough companies to have a feeling for what can go wrong. I have also been working in this industry long enough that I just won’t accept certain things anymore, like unnecessary overtime or lack of strategy. But perhaps I am now too averse to risk, and too picky in my choice of employers?

Free-lancing solves some of those problems. My investment in each company I work with is a lot lower. It’s for shorter periods, and it does not involve moving to a different country. Well, in this case it does, but it’s just temporary. And hey! I live right in the middle of a red-light district. How appropriate! I am for sale now! Hire me baby! I need customers! You need something designed or produced, you need some consulting on your design or plan or company, come to me and I will show you a good time!

Alright, so my marketing strategy still needs some work.

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  1. Aubrey wrote:

    Congrats! You’ve been through the fire, and obviously know that it is to be feared. I’ll be really interested in how you find freelancing – I’m sure it’s its own kettle of pirahnas.

    That said, best of luck!

    Posted 26 Nov 2006 at 9:54
  2. Noah Falstein wrote:

    Welcome to the ranks! My favorite moment as a freelancer was on one of my early jobs, when I realized the company was unlikely to ever finish and publish the game (I was right) and I caught myself thinking that since the bulk of my work and pay was up-front, the best thing would be if they cancelled it shortly after I’d done most of my work, letting me out of the boring part of my contract. Then I realized I was actually looking forward to the prospect of a game being cancelled while I was working on it, and I had finally arrived at a way to make the most frustrating parts of the industry work in my favor!

    Posted 26 Nov 2006 at 19:11
  3. -=Stitched=- wrote:

    Hey Jurie,

    Glad to hear things worked out after Vienna. The cutscene team here, in R*North, really enjoyed working on your project. I second the motion for being “risk adverse”. I find that I as get older, even if I do have the means to move to another country, another culture, and another company, I am becoming less likely to do it. It just grinds on you to have to uproot every two years after a project is completed – and those are the good memories. The bad ones just leave that industry taste in your mouth…Yeuch!


    Posted 27 Nov 2006 at 12:14
  4. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    Thanks all for your kind wishes :)

    Posted 27 Nov 2006 at 15:18