Monthly Archives September 2006

Clive Thompson on game durations

Clive Thompson has written an article on the duration of games, and how it relates to different kinds of gamers. I call it “the myth of the 40-hour gamer.” Whenever you pick up a narrative adventure game these days, it always comes with this guarantee: This game offers about 40 hours of play. This is […]

New Alan Wake footage

Remedy Entertainment showed some new Alan Wake footage at the Intel Developer Forum 2006. You can find a lot of links to video, news and interviews over at Evil Avatar. For some reason, I was unable to play the streaming video using Microsoft’s Windows Media Player, but I found a more convenient video over at […]

Analysis of the success of World of Warcraft

Bob Moore from Terra Nova has written a nice summary of talks by WoW lead designer Rob Pardo and Bioware lead combat designer Damion Schubert at the Austin Game Conference, analysing the success of World of Warcraft. I’ve got a post in progress about Mr. Pardo’s talk in particular, but hey, who knows when I’ll […]

The blog roll is gone

I’ve removed my links to other sites. I suddenly no longer saw the point. I mean no disrespect to the people I used to link to: I am just fairly sure that most of them didn’t need it one way or the other, especially since I link to sites in my blog entries anyway. It […]

A day in the life of a Dutch videogame fan

A day in the life of a Dutch videogame fan, in stop-motion video. (Thanks Tobe!)

“1K Project II” Trackmania video

“1K Project II” is an amazing video shot in Trackmania. Won’t take long, will probably make you smile. 1000 cars racing, while not colliding amongst themselves. (Via Wonderland.)

Wii News

Most of the important Wii news (except European price and release date, out today supposedly) has been revealed. Here is a trailer of all the launch ‘window’ titles. Some good stuff there. I can’t believe I’m dying to play WarioWare again. And here are some videos of the system interfaces. Very interesting. If you’ve always […]

Next Generation’s game industry’s 100 most influential women

Next Generation has published a list of the game industry’s 100 most influential women. It’s an interesting list, if somewhat US-centric, with a highly diverse range of companies and positions. One can always quibble with lists like these (as Jason has). I agree with Jason and Kim that Robin Hunicke should have been on there. […]

Amazing Quake 3 rocket jumping video

Here is a very cool video showing what you can do if you are really, really good at rocket jumping in Quake 3. Not only are the skills displayed amazing, the editing is great too. (Via Game Girl Advance, Boing Boing, Wonderland.)

PlayStation 3 Euro launch delayed

OK, it’s hardly news by now that the PlayStation 3’s European launch has been delayed. It means I have to wait for four more months before I can refuse to spend a ridiculous amount of money for a console that’s not worth it, in my humble opinion. Before I get accused of exaggerated PS3-bashing: I […]