Short animated movies made by Gobelins for Annecy 2006

Here are the short animated movies made by Gobelins for Annecy 2006. These are student projects.

One of the nice things about France is that the people coming from these schools will move freely between animation, comics and games. This is why the graphics in French games are often so nice. It’s too bad that there is a sentiment that the ‘French touch’ does not sell well abroad, and should be downplayed. And of course a significant percentage of French development is part of internationally-oriented companies such as Ubisoft, Atari and Vivendi.

(Via James and the Blue Cat.)

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  1. fluffy wrote:

    One common comment in reviews of Sprung was to point out the “Franco-anime” art style, which people presumed to be due to Sprung being by a French publisher (Ubisoft), but what they didn’t realize was that the developers were all in America and the animators were all in New Zealand. I forget where the background painters were from. We did have one American graphic designer who did most of the icons and UI graphics, though.

    Posted 17 Jun 2006 at 0:32
  2. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    Not entirely related to the topic, but :P I liked the style, and I thought it was a good idea for the kind of game it was. I didn’t think of it as super-French, but it wasn’t Disney either (not a bad thing). In fact, there is nothing quite like it in TV or film that I can think of right now.

    Posted 17 Jun 2006 at 1:10