Korean “macro” programs and keyboard emulators for gamers

Korean “macro” programs and keyboard emulators for gamers.

The Korea Times covers the “Macro” software scene among Korean Gamers; this is software that automates tedious, repetitious in-game “grinding” tasks, such as repetitively hunting down and killing weak monsters. I’m especially fond of the hardware-based keyboard emulators that look like thumb-drives and can be trained to undetectably automate input to in-game tasks

Hardware-based keyboard emulators to automate grinding. And of course, this being South Korea, it’s a scene.

It can grab video signals transmitted between the PC and the monitor, and analyze the signals to make a judgment.

Wow. What’s worse? Third world sweatshops farming gold? Or those jobs being replaced by machines? Not to mention that the fight against gold farmers is getting more and more like the fight against online crime. Which, according to whose TOS you subscribe to, it is.

This is probably old hat for people deep inside MMOs, but it’s fun if you’re sitting on the sidelines and eating popcorn.

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  1. ac wrote:

    The game developers asked for it. Who would in their right mind want to play a game where you repeat things over and over that require so little thought it is trivial even for a script kiddie to automate? Only obsessed people like to repeat such mind numbing stuff. And people who like sports. Thank god for Robo-Sports!

    Posted 30 Mar 2006 at 10:24