Dungeon Runners

Just read about NCSoft’s new MMO, Dungeon Runners via Penny Arcade.

Is this me or is this a brazen WoW clone? The art style… even the names… Embercore Broodling? Shadowspawn Queen? Or am I an MMO n00b and/or blind to Blizzard’s fantasy clichés after 1 year of playing?

Concept art looks great though.

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  1. Guerro wrote:

    It’s always you, Homie!

    Posted 18 Feb 2006 at 19:45
  2. Jeffool wrote:

    Just like drawn art has ‘styles’, I think it’s fair to say that video game artists (and thus the games) have different styles even if there aren’t names for them. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never really thought of WoW as innovative for the style they use, but rather raising the bar in that existing style and being the first to bring it to MMOs so well. But I would argue that Freedom Force significantly pulled off a similar style of art in-game before them. Different content sure, but similar style: http://www.freedomfans.com//ffpc/screenshots.php

    And I think that this style has lended itself to fantasy comics/novels/cartoons/etc for a while. At least when I think of the fantasy genre I think of either the more cartoonish style of WoW, or a more heavily penciled style from say Magic: The Gathering or D&D. I think WoW just pulled off that look in games with a quality that no one has before, so everyone else, particularly those who use it in fantasy MMOs, will be labeled clones.

    Posted 19 Feb 2006 at 2:28
  3. Miktar wrote:

    It’s a single-player game, not an MMO.

    Posted 22 Feb 2006 at 14:42
  4. DAVE wrote:

    I just watched the demo, and it even has the same interface as WoW.. The art is similar.. it looks like a blatent ripoff to me. The website says it is a “multiplayer on-line game”. While it doesnt say massively multiplayer, it IS NCSoft, and I dont know of a game they have that is not an MMO. Gamespy refered to it as a fast action, downloadable game. I was searching for more info on it, but my first impression was that it looked like WoW. They literally could have cut and pasted the top left of the UI from WoW and used it here.. it is that close.

    Posted 23 Jun 2006 at 18:31
  5. Jukka wrote:

    people say the art is rip of from WoW.. well the art style is based on Joe Madureiras style (Madureira is comic book artist (battle Chasers)
    this game was on development same time as WoW but got canceled 2times, former name was Exarch that was ment to be done as Diablo2 like single player game. but they made it in to fcking mmorpg game cause game is bad nowadays if you dont have multiplayer in it and if you dont get to pay 20dollars per month to play endles hours and hours just to get levels.
    but this game is going to be free, like Guild Wars, and it has change to solo like diablo2. so this game is NOT just another copy of WoW, its a copy of Diablo :)

    Posted 16 Jul 2006 at 14:17