Monthly Archives January 2006

Disney buys Pixar – what now?

A good way of keeping track of the possible implications of, as well as the the reactions from the trenches to Disney buying Pixar is to read Cartoon Brew. The short answer is: John Lasseter is the messiah, and his predecessor was not well-loved. Here is the eye-witness account of someone who lived through the […]

Take Two in trouble?

It appears that Take Two is looking for a lifeline. The third employer in a row that gets hit by stock-market-related shenanigans. Not the first time for T2 either. I wonder how this will affect me. Less money for stuff, but what stuff? This is all so far removed from my daily life. But will […]

Audition, the MMO

Sadly, it’s not based on the terrifying Takashi Miike movie. But it’s a dance MMO. That’s at least as freaky. Is it set in a universe where dance is central to all human endeavour? That would be soooo cool. And the expansions almost write themselves. (Via Wonderland.) PSYes, I still exist.