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8 Megapixel Phone

I just read a report on Gizmodo about Samsung’s phone with a built in 8 megapixel camera. You know, by now I’ve gotten over the shock I had in 1995 when I realized the HP printer in the office had more RAM and CPU power than my first two computers. Combined. (It also had a […]

Bill Roper on world-wide PC / online game markets

Raph Koster took notes at the Korean Games Conference during Bill Roper’s speech on the world-wide PC / online game markets. Many numbers, and signs and portents of a new landscape. (Via Wonderland.)


I fiddled with the site layout. More space for text! Hurrah! I want to do a larger overhaul at some point, but that may not be possible with TypePad. I also removed or updated various links. If I couldn’t remember the last time I looked at a site or if a site no longer mentions […]

Another boss fight peeve

So I’m playing Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow for the DS and I get to the first boss. I die after a pretty short time period. Do I then get another life? Do I get to press continue? No. I go back about as far as you can go without going to the DS system menu: […]

Take-Two Acquires Firaxis Games

Etc. But what if they had become part of Rockstar Games instead of 2KGames?

Sony CEO speaks out

I’ve sort of been wondering what would happen at Sony now that Howard Stringer, a western non-engineer, is CEO. Today’s news has not enlightened me. Let’s analyze it bit by bit, shall we? ‘We have an HD value chain that no one else in the business has,’ Stringer said. It starts with cameras and goes […]

EA Announces ‘Tank Wars’ Student AI Competition

EA Announces ‘Tank Wars’ Student AI Competition: The concept is simple: in a 100m x 100m world, two tanks are locked in an arena where only one will survive. The challenge is to program the tank which will exit victorious. […] John Buchanan, University Research Liaison Dude at EA commented: “Over the next five to […]

Good storytelling from a production point of view

A few weeks ago, I participated in a workshop on game design and storytelling in LA. I’m sure ‘Spend two days sitting in a hotel conference room talking’ is not on the top of everyone’s list of Things To Do In LA, but it was for me (the other thing was ‘Drive out of LA’ […]

Bioware and Pandemic to merge

Bioware and Pandemic to merge, creating new ‘super-studio’: Top North American developers Bioware and Pandemic are set to merge in a $300 million deal crafted by Elevation Partners, the private equity firm headed up by former EA president John Riccitiello. The deal brings together two of the most successful development studios in North America, with […]