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Mario fun

Have you ever heard the Mario theme on an 11-string bass guitar? (In fact, be honest, did you even know they made 11-string bass guitars? I didn’t.) Go look here at a gentleman called Jean Baudin. (Thanks Rog.) Update: Fixed the link.

Shrek is dreck

This is a tragic story about a boy in France who watched Shrek before and while killing his family. Terrible. Now, I want to see an uproar against the immoral tripe today’s youth is watching, I want an investigation into Dreamworks, and I want Hilary Clinton Nicolas Sarkozy proposing a law against this kind of […]


I think this ad is funny. (Via Kotaku.)

WoW nude patch

Well, that took surprisingly long. Read about it over at Wonderland, then indulge your secret gnome fantasies. Hi! You might be interested in other posts in the Sex category.

Xbox Experience

Last night I went to the Xbox Experience in the MAK here in Vienna with Tobe and other friends. I must admit to having been caught up a little in the excitement around the imminent launch of the 360 here in Europe. (It was, in fact, that same excitement that made a WoW addict. I […]

Rockstar To Open New London Development Studio

Rockstar To Open New London Development Studio. First time I ever heard of this. (Via Wonderland.)

Narrative AI and Games

And speaking of Stéphane*, guess who is the only person representing the games industry on the programme committee for the Narrative AI and Games conference? That’s right. The conference sounds pretty cool: Papers sought in the following areas, but are not limited to: Interactive narrative and virtual storytelling Applied AI in games Believable synthetic agents […]

Beating Procrastination

43 Folders is a blog that takes scary deep looks at productivity and how to improve it. Productivity, and its cousin effectiveness, are topics that interest me deeply, but somehow I never find the time to read more about it. But I did somehow find the time to read this article on procrastination, written by […]

Night on the town

Last night I went to the Roboëxotica, the annual festival for cocktail-robotics organized by Monochrom, to meet the lovely Alice Taylor of Wonderland fame.

Sony disaster

BoingBoing has a nice roundup of the various steps and developments in the Sony DRM PR catastrophe. The PS3 rumor is particularly awful – let’s hope it’s just an unwarranted conclusion. How many other record companies but sleazy malware on their audio CDs? Update: So according to Sony the bit about the PS3 is false […]