More Mario

What’s funnier? Fist of the North Star Mario or gay Mario?

Update: Another contender: The Super Mario Brothers Opera (via BoingBoing, who got it from my neighbors at Monochrom).

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  1. Salima wrote:

    Hey, I’m Mario’s biggest fan, I’d appreciate it if u could tell him I love him and If u could send me his e-mail,
    Love u MaRiO!

    Posted 31 Oct 2005 at 19:35
  2. Jurie Horneman wrote:


    Posted 31 Oct 2005 at 20:27
  3. Jeffool wrote:

    hahaha, y’know, it just doesn’t get any funnier/worse than this!

    Posted 03 Nov 2005 at 10:03
  4. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    This is worse than spam.

    Posted 04 Nov 2005 at 8:40