Monthly Archives September 2005

New model army

There’s two fairly high profile games coming out soon that were developed using a different approach than what’s used for most games.

More Mario

What’s funnier? Fist of the North Star Mario or gay Mario? Update: Another contender: The Super Mario Brothers Opera (via BoingBoing, who got it from my neighbors at Monochrom).

Make a building blink

How cool is this? When you look into the kiosk through the viewfinder (very much like peering into a pair of binoculars), the cameras record your eyes and beam the video to a nearby location where the images are projected onto a building which rather looks like it’s got a head. When you blink into […]


As usual, VG Cats has a humorous perspective on the three next-gen consoles (not safe for work, if you work for an uptight employer).

Anda’s game

What do women in games, third world gold farmers and teen obesity have in common? They’re all featured in Anda’s game, Cory Doctorow’s new short story. It’s fun, I recommend it. You have to click through Salon’s ad to get to it, but hey, it’s worth it.


Here it is, courtesy of Alice-the-best-notetaker-at-games-industry-events-in-the-world. Look at this. [OMFG. It’s long and squarish. You shake it. Touch it. Drum with it. Bat with it. Point with it. Conduct with it. Use it like a pencil. Or a TV remote. Thumbpad add on. It’s like a nunchuk – there’s an extra controller for the other […]