Time to get down

What do I talk about after my long, contemplative silence? What deep thoughts have germinated in my mind? What current affair has caught my eye? Bandai and Namco merging? Vivendi and Vale splitting up? Christian video games? No. I want to talk to you about the, excuse my French, dope music videos by Keith Schofield. His site features small images of old school video games, so it’s totally relevant.

Be sure to check out “3 Feet Deep” by DJ Format featuring Abdominal & D-Sisive. Don’t you wish there was a game like that in your arcade?

(Thanks Mike!)

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  1. fluffy wrote:

    What, like Beatmania and Karaoke Revolution?

    (Yeah, I know, not quite the same, etc.)

    Posted 03 May 2005 at 0:44
  2. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    Yes, but with rap :) Mojib-ribbon maybe?

    Posted 06 May 2005 at 12:01
  3. Aubrey wrote:

    Been a fan of DJ Format for a long time now. I’d recommend the rest of his stuff, if you get a chance – it’s rap, taking itself a little less seriously, and not chasing the buck. A lot of the videos produced for him have been cool, too. Check out some of those on http://www.ruben.fm

    Posted 06 May 2005 at 21:40
  4. Stephane Bura wrote:

    Where are you? I miss your quirky posts.


    Posted 25 May 2005 at 12:15