Ever wonder what happened to Mario after he saves the princess?

Find out. Love the sound effects. If Neil Young ever does another game design keynote at GDC, he can use this to fill the time.

(Via Kotaku.)

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  1. tobe wrote:


    Posted 08 Feb 2005 at 23:33
  2. ASHLEY wrote:

    Can you email me mario home are tour address so i can write him a letter and send him a pic are any address that i can reach him and keep me updated with him while he go on tour cause he is my future husband fo sho!!!! and one day i will be famous soon and i will get in contact with him then we will be taking pictures on the red carpet….

    Posted 04 Mar 2005 at 18:51
  3. Jazzy wrote:

    I love mario barett i live in his hometown
    none he is my man i love u fo sho and then we will be makin babies i love him he is so sexy but answer this who look better mario,usher,or ti

    hit me up

    Posted 30 Mar 2005 at 3:48
  4. Alisha Bartsons wrote:

    Is dere any chance of ths going to mario??1 i dont think so but it is always worth a try. i really x100000000 like mario. think he is the greatest guy ever! he can sing, dance, etc. etc. wat more could i ask for. if i was with mario for at least a week, i won’t need a tv, computer, access to internet, food, microwave, cooker, fridge,etc. Nothing as long as he is there with me!! many people started liking him when he released his second album but used to like him ever since he was first seen on tv! with or with no hair. i waited soooooooooooo long after he released his first album because he took a long break and then i was watching telly and i flicked hrough the music channels. I started to cry!! i striaght away went and brought a copy of his album o every body’s nearest birth day 4 copies for my self and 1 for every one in my family. Altogether I bought around 35 to 40 cpoies. Many people also like the idea of the new haircut, i think it HEAVY!!!!!!!!! LEAVE IT ON! I wont be surprised if any other artists has the same hair style you know! Many people also like him for show! I don’t! I really like this guy and if he aint gonna ge married to me then i jus dunno wat i’ll do! I no there is no chance there are billions and billions of people with MUCH more chances than me, but it is worth a try!
    plz. let this reach mario, i BEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    XXXXXX aLISHA Bartsons

    Posted 09 Apr 2005 at 11:31
  5. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    Are we talking about the same Mario?

    Posted 11 Apr 2005 at 0:09
  6. unkown wrote:

    can i just get his real address so i can write him a letter thanks
    from: unkown

    Posted 24 Apr 2005 at 16:11
  7. ? wrote:

    hey can i plzzzzzzz jus hav marios email address, i wouild really like to speak 2 him about something important, chill girls…not about makin love..

    thank u…

    (plz send me his email adres)

    Posted 29 Apr 2005 at 7:00
  8. g wrote:

    hi mario if u get it i just love ur songs and did u no dat ur buuuuuuuuuuufffffffff i just love it , give me marios real email adress couse i just want him 2 read wat i say plz thank

    Posted 25 May 2005 at 20:21
  9. just g wrote:

    mario ur makin me crazy plz let him read dis i want his real email adress so dat i can keep in touch wid him plzzzzzzzz and mario is soooooooooo buuuuuuuuuuuufffffffff n chung he is sexy man

    Posted 25 May 2005 at 20:25
  10. MELISSA wrote:

    U should use the other Mario message Board at mario2u.com/turningpoint then click on Message Board Register if u haven’t alread and ur set 2 go.

    Posted 10 Jul 2005 at 21:28
  11. shae wrote:

    hey, can somebody please send me mario’s address,(e-mail,or mailing)….does anyone know if he’ll be in South Carolina anytime soon?… hey Ashley, Does he return to his home town often? if he does give him this message for me…Thanks. Only to say hello.

    Posted 13 Jul 2005 at 14:01
  12. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    The end is nigh.

    Posted 13 Jul 2005 at 22:28
  13. Jeffool wrote:

    Oh come on Jurie! You know you want to go to http://mario2u.com/turningpoint/ and vote for Mario on MTV and BET! All the cool kids are doing it. :D

    Posted 14 Jul 2005 at 10:46
  14. Jurie Horneman wrote:


    Posted 15 Jul 2005 at 0:47
  15. Gabby wrote:

    OOOo plz let dis be mario!!!!!! If it is well i LOVE u n i have every cd i love you mario. can some 1 plz give me mario’s email!!

    Posted 23 Jul 2005 at 19:17
  16. Name wrote:

    Could you please email mario address so i could write him a letter.
    thank you.
    please don’t forget me

    Posted 26 Jul 2005 at 3:02
  17. Marcia wrote:

    could someone please find out mario address an email as soon as posible.Thank you

    Posted 26 Jul 2005 at 3:06
  18. Jeffool wrote:

    Seriously Jurie. You’ve gotta do something about this. Too funny.

    Posted 27 Jul 2005 at 6:16
  19. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    Well, I’ve thought about how to deal with this infestation, but it’s tough you know?

    “Hello! We’re trying to have a grownup conversation about um.”

    “You do realize we’re talking about Mario um the guy with no last name.”

    What’s scary is: how did they find my site? The only mention of this guy’s last name is misspelled if I’m not mistaken.

    Posted 27 Jul 2005 at 8:44
  20. name wrote:

    r u all talkin bouts Mario Barett?

    Posted 03 Aug 2005 at 13:58
  21. Jurie wrote:

    Originally, we were talking about Mario, the world-famous video game character.

    Posted 03 Aug 2005 at 14:33
  22. maray wrote:

    hey who eva si reading dis,
    well i really hope dis is gona get sent to mario..
    coz i am doing my music assignment on him..
    and i juss need lik information on him..
    i really beg..
    can u please put more information on his website.. and send me an e mail when you have thank-you..
    and also tell mario i love him 2 death!!

    Posted 14 Aug 2005 at 0:38
  23. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    Alright, this is all quite silly and has gone far enough. Comments are closed on this thread.

    Posted 14 Aug 2005 at 0:57