The Cell Processor Explained

Read the technical details here.

Update: Here is the discussion about the above-mentioned article.

Update: And here is an interview with NVIDIA’s Vice President of Corporate Marketing about the PS3’s GPU.

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  1. Bogus wrote:

    This article is total bullshit.

    Nicholas Blachford is an idiot. Do not read any of his articles. Just to give you the best of Nicholas, read his antigravity article and visit his web site:

    Posted 22 Jan 2005 at 0:48
  2. Rodrigo wrote:

    He has a kind of “disclaimer”, look at
    and for the cell processor in particular, the article is worth reading.

    Posted 09 Feb 2005 at 20:25
  3. David K. Every wrote:

    I wrote my own summary at:

    Posted 13 Feb 2005 at 0:57