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DS update

Remember that DS I ordered? Yeah, right, of course you do. Well, DVD Box Office had trouble getting them, but, today at 4PM I got my shipping confirmation email. When I checked the courier tracking, I discovered that they’d already knocked on my door at 11:30AM… Now that’s fast shipping… Not the only recent case […]


On the 14th of January of 1991, I started my first day of work at Thalion Software.

Emotional input

Some time ago, I was thinking of a problem that Aubrey touches on in one of his recent comments: how can you make emotional input emotional? It’s not that difficult to create an intellectual system for inputting emotions. Say, the mood-o-meter: select ‘happy’ from a menu to indicate you’re happy. It’s been tried a couple […]

Short feedback loops

So I have this half-written blog entry lying around, and somewhere in it I write: One useful way of looking at a game is to separate the presentational (what things look like) from the functional (how things work). The brain has a way of absorbing the functional, of creating a model of it. Think of […]

Shirky on the Price of Information

It’s not of insane relevance to the games industry, but nevertheless I think this essay by Clay Shirky on the price of information is of some interest. ‘Content’ was a big buzzword in the mid to late nineties. It’s less so now, but still. “HELP, THE PRICE OF INFORMATION HAS FALLEN AND IT CAN’T GET […]

Shooters in the news

Remember that shooter tournament I mentioned? It turns out it made the newspaper (in German). Including a picture of Erwin Kloibhofer, friend and coworker, and yours truly. All I will say is: “Horneman with one n”. Thanks again to Tobe for pointing this out.

Managing PSP data and media on your Mac

This program allows you to manage your PSP data and media on your Mac. It has the following features: Automatic Game Save Backup iTunes Playlist integration, supports Smart Playlists iPhoto Album integration, supports Smart Albums Multiformat queue-based video converter with multiproccessor support Automated "no hands" operation Simple options Requires no drivers or extensions Extensive help […]

Game effects

I refactored the previous entry so that both topics are cleanly separated. Here’s an interesting question: If a) we want people to be emotionally involved while playing games (e.g. if we want them to cry), and b) we acknowledge the effects described above, then it’s kind of hard to deny games have an effect on […]


Wired has a funny article about how playing certain games for too long distorts your view to reality. Examples are Katamari Damacy, Animal Crossing, Burnout, and others.

Half-Life 2 web fun

The Valve Software site’s URL is not It does not list Half-Life 2 as a product. Sierra’s Half-Life page does not refer to Half-Life 2. (Jurie goes to the Sierra site and searches for Half-Life 2.) The Half-Life 2 page on the Sierra site contains a button that says ‘Official Site’. This leads to […]