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Anyone who keeps half an eye on what’s going on in this industry surely has heard about the recent controversy concerning work practices at Electronic Arts.

If not, a brief recap: first, the anonymous spouse of an EA worker told all. This broke on Slashdot Games on November 11th. Then, Joe Straitiff, a former EA engineer told all. Then pandemonium ensued.

The New York Times, CNN Money and have reported on the issue.

Bulleting boards are buzzing. Comment sections are overflowing. The IGDA is talking about it. There’s talk of class action lawsuits (more about that here). There’s talk of unions. In Australia, people are getting organized.

(In all the hubbub, you may have missed Evan Robinson’s commentary and this fascinating guide to EA’s company culture.) has reported that EA promises change. They got their hands on an internal memo by J. Russell (Rusty) Rueff, Jr., Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Facilities.

Salon has reported on the reactions to the memo.

I’m going to post this as is now, and write up my comments later.

Update: Get the T-shirt.

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  1. Derek wrote:

    wa wa cry cry people

    Posted 20 Mar 2005 at 11:33
  2. zac wrote:

    hi my name is zac i am 13 years old and i love EA and it has been my dream to work for them. i was just wondering if they have an EA building in brisbane, Australia.

    please reply back it means a lot to me


    Posted 20 Jul 2009 at 11:57

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