Snowball effect

The Katamari Damacy references on Robin’s blog are now officially out of control. It’s as if she’s pushing a huge ball over the entire internet that grows and grows as more topics stick to it.


I found the new KD 2 screenshots mere nano-seconds before her – but only by distracting her by talking about food.

She must be stopped, for her own good. Imagine what were to happen if she found out about the very cute KD Christmas card?

But what can I do? I am well over the edge myself. I will soon have two copies of Katamari Damacy, and no PS2 to play it on. I am stuck, stuck to a ball that keeps turning and turning…

Update: More details on KD2.

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  1. Matt wrote:

    I am a KD-widow, having lost my wife about a week ago to the little prince. Salt is rubbed in the wound by the fact I can’t stop singing the music…

    Posted 21 Dec 2004 at 8:20
  2. tobe wrote:

    Lifestyle geeks :-|

    Posted 21 Dec 2004 at 11:50
  3. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    Join us… don’t be afraid…

    I’m listening to the KD soundtrack right now – it’s AWESOME. One of the best produced game soundtracks I’ve ever heard.

    Posted 21 Dec 2004 at 13:25
  4. tobe wrote:

    I think I did that, long ago.

    But Katamara Damacy is only one (admittedly good) game in the vast sea of japanese gems that have been blissfully ignored by western PR and consumers.

    Posted 22 Dec 2004 at 13:36
  5. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    True, how could I forget (on both points).

    Posted 22 Dec 2004 at 13:43
  6. Some Person wrote:

    Can someone give me a link to KD soundtrack website?

    Posted 06 Feb 2005 at 0:31

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  1. From Anonymous on 29 Mar 2005 at 7:52

    Katamari Damacy……

    Katamari Damacy……