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What I like about Katamari Damacy

I just finished Katamari Damacy. I started playing Monday night, now it’s Wednesday night. I guess I played about 8-12 hours in total. Here’s what I liked about the game: The save game selection screen Looking up in the tutorial level Looking down in the constellation screen The TV in the living room The King […]

Katamari Damacy and the Game of the Year lists

Good news: I am now finally able to play Katamari Damacy at home. Also, I am playing the US version instead of the Japanese version, and that makes things a lot easier to understand. And the quirkiness made it across for once. So what did other people think of Katamari Damacy?

Industry size

Ron Gilbert is being grumpy about the “games biz > Hollywood” stories one occasionally sees (like this one). He actually looks at the figures. When I am annoyed by overblown statements regarding industry size, I usually just point out that the porn industry also likes to claim it’s bigger than Hollywood. But then, I’m lazy.

The Twelve Days of Crunch Time

The Twelve Days of Crunch Time. A poem by Gilbert and Kauzlaric. Unfinished as I post this, but already very funny.


Dear Markus, for some reason, your blog is not easy to read in my RSS reader. Tobe apparently has similar problems. I don’t know if there’s something you can do about it, but I thought I’d mention it. Meanwhile, I’ve found this to be the most enjoyable way to read your blog :P Merry Christmas, […]

Snowball effect

The Katamari Damacy references on Robin’s blog are now officially out of control. It’s as if she’s pushing a huge ball over the entire internet that grows and grows as more topics stick to it. E.g.: Robin mentions the KD post-mortem in Game Developer. Robin posts about KD appearing in Time Magazine. Robin somehow manages […]

Geek On Stun

And while I’m at it: Geek On Stun looks like an excellent source of games information from Japan.

Upcoming DS goodness

I think this video showcasing upcoming games for the Nintendo DS contains more cool ideas than I’ve seen all year. (Via Geek On Stun.)


You may have noticed that a fair amount of recent links are from Kotaku. It’s a fairly new site, part of hip New York entity Gawker Media. It has quickly become one of my top news sources. So cut out the middleman (i.e. me) and subscribe to their RSS feed. No, wait! Come back!

Apple Improves World of Warcraft

Apple just released version 10.3.7 of Mac OS X. Among the changes: Addresses an issue with Blizzard World of Warcraft in which the game’s frame rate could drop considerably when in “Ghost mode,” if the computer uses an nVidia graphics card. Resolves an issue in which enabling Vertex Shaders in World of Warcraft could lead […]