Time Magazine on game QA

Time Magazine has an article on game QA. It’s incredibly shallow, but hey, it’s an article on game QA in Time Magazine. Admirably, it has evolved beyond "Gee! People get paid to play games!" to "Golly! People get paid to abuse games!" A subtle difference.

It mostly involves a golf arcade game. Well, the golf arcade game apparently, but still.

Admits Hanson: "You’re just doing the same redundant  thing, over and over again." Sounds par for the course.

Does this refer to golf? Testing? Or video games?

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  1. Noah Falstein wrote:

    As a compulsive punster, I recognized the need to write puns no matter how inappropriate or as stupid they may be. Not that I approve, but like one alcoholic to another, I sympathize with the writer. If only he had come up with a better hook on which to hang his golf pun, we might have been spared the necessity to slice through to the underlying pathology. Wait, spared, that should be a bowling pun…

    Posted 13 Nov 2004 at 3:44