Monthly Archives October 2004

It’s on

And it’s looking good. 98% average score so far, on three reviews. Come on baby, daddy needs a dozen more artists ;)

Lucky Wander Boy

What have I been doing the last couple of months, while not writing regular entries for this blog, you may have been wondering? (Or not, but for the sake of argument I am going to assume you were.) The answer is that I’ve been reading. Books. Fiction. About two books per week, on average. One […]

Pong Mechanik

German artist Niklas Rov built a completely electromechanical version of Pong, called Pongmechanik. Because he has taken down pictures and videos because of bandwidth issues, you may want to have a look

Once more the people’s creativity is suppressed by the pompous game developer elite

Tecmo wins naked Kasumi court case. In protest, I am canceling my secret project to hack Botticelli’s Venus into Splinter Cell.


In her blog entry on this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Robin mentions an upcoming game called Okami, which has an amazing graphics style. Think Wind Waker + procedural Japanese calligraphy. There’s a trailer on Gamespot. It looks really really good, even if the gameplay seems standard. The game is developed by Clover Studio (what a […]

Don’t hold your breath

I am just back from a trip to the Netherlands, and am now going on another trip, to Paris this time. So again I have a feeble excuse to not post any entries. In the mean time, why not visit the Kingdom of Loathing? You’ll love it.