Monthly Archives April 2004

Harvey and Randy Smith leave Ion Storm Austin

Harvey is one of the people I saw a couple of times at this year’s GDC, and figured I’d say hello to when we weren’t both running around, and then that never happened. I actually sat next to Randy for some time at GDC but didn’t recognise him the first ten minutes or so. So […]

GDC 2004: Game Design Methods of ICO

Kenji Kaido and Fumito Ueda gave a lecture on the development of ICO, one of my favorite games ever. The slides were often quite complex and went by really quickly. Luckily, my friend and esteemed coworker Gunter Piringer took really good pictures, which he gracefully allowed me to post online (link to 20MB ZIP file.) […]

New gaming statistics site

I’ve added GameStats, a new gaming statistics site, to my Game Information Site list. I haven’t checked it out in detail yet. It’s run by IGN and Gamespy. I’d forgotten they had merged.

GDC 2004: My overall impression

The GDC has always been intense and exhausting (a point which was particularly driven home at the wonderfully laid-back Imagina, where there was time for good conversation), but this year it was more so than the previous years. I was already feeling the over-stimulated on Monday and Tuesday, whereas these are normally the calm days […]

Disturbing chicken-based entertainment

Yes. Well. There’s this site, see? It’s called “Subservient Chicken” and – Wait! Come back! It’s not what you think. Well, it sort of is I guess. Except it’s made by Burger King. That’s right. And it is sort of interactive. You can type in commands. And the chicken executes them. Cause it’s subservient. It’s […]

Coolest middleware brochure ever

CRI Middleware Co. Ltd., a Japanese middleware company, has the coolest marketing brochure ever. And their products sound good too.

Metroid – a John Woo movie?

According to this article, John Woo has optioned the movie rights to Nintendo’s Metroid franchise. It also describes some of the other games his game development company, Tiger Hill Games, is working on, and what Woo’s input is.

Harmonix has published an interview with Alex Rigopulos, co-founder and CEO of Harmonix. He talks about the history of the company and their games Frequency, Amplitude and Karaoke Revolution. It’s pretty interesting. I know some people at Harmonix, and at GDC this year I had the pleasure of visiting them in one of their hotel […]

Weird Japanese game update: Happiness Controller, Uo

I just read this article on GamePro about Happiness Controller, an upcoming game from Sony. The goal of Happiness Controller is to make 100 people that you control happy. The kinds of characters the player needs to keep happy drastically vary, from the white collar average Joe to a social recluse. Each character has their […]

GDC 2004: More pics

I have done some some rigorous pruning of my GDC pictures, and the ones that may be amusing or edifying in some way can be perused here. The intro picture was shamelessly stolen from Thad. His pictures are working again, or at least they did the last time I checked. You may have to click […]