Third IGDA Vienna chapter meeting

The IGDA Vienna chapter meeting took place earlier tonight. There were a LOT of people – so much that the room was too small and humid and warm and noisy. In other words: a nice problem to have ;)

My presentation went pretty well except for some technical issues with PowerPoint and the fact that I decided at the last minute to use a PC instead of a Mac, and the PC didn’t have QuickTime or any Windows Media Player codecs installed, so I couldn’t show my videos. But I made it up later when I hijacked Thad’s PowerBook :)

Thad’s lecture, which was way more technical than my “What I did on holiday in Monaco” thing, went well too. I’ll add a link as soon as he’s put the slides on his website. Harald Riegler from Sproing talked about G.A.M.E., the new association of development companies in Germany and Austria, similar to TIGA or APOM. This was also very interesting.

All in all, a good night with a huge bunch of people, and a good atmosphere. Congratulations to Clemens Beer, the chapter coordinator!

Update: Thad’s slides and some pictures (of him) are here.

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  1. Markus Friedl wrote:

    yep… it was a cool evening and definitely a sign activity in the austrian game community is actually on the rise… ;)

    jurie, congrats to you as well… interesting talk (especially the video-part… ;) )

    Posted 17 Mar 2004 at 9:36
  2. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    Thanks… I’m glad *I* didn’t chicken out at the last moment… ;P

    Technical difficulties are an essential part of a presentation. It’s like a ritual to appease the gods of bad luck. If we hadn’t had some problems with PowerPoint, the building probably would have collapsed or something.

    Posted 17 Mar 2004 at 10:04
  3. Markus Friedl wrote:

    ha… chicken out??? who? where? huh??? *confused* :P

    Posted 17 Mar 2004 at 10:51

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