Live from GDC 2004

Well, here I am at the GDC in San Jose. I arrived last thursday and hung out around the Bay Area with some friends. I shopped until I dropped and saw some great sights. Now it’s the first day of the conference and things are already pretty hectic. But I have met a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time, and that’s the main reason I like to come here. It’s too bad some good friends decided not to come this year.

More later.

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  1. jm (Gish Supporter) wrote:

    Chronic Logic’s Gish Makes Its Debut at the GDC’s IGF

    Gish may look like he is all attitude, but when he is in a tight spot, he can literally slip through a crack. Edmund McMillen’s newest game is sure to leave a lasting impression in The 6th Annual Independent Games Festival, at the GDC. Thanks to the collective creative genius at Chronic Logic, located in sunny Santa Cruz, CA, this game is sure to shine, in shiny amorphous black that is. Gish will appeal to old and new school gamers alike, with its clever new twists to the classic 2D platform side-scroller. The cool lighting and game physics we have all come to expect in 3D games are here, but all in 2D. Edmund’s edgy gothic/punk character designs, and fun story lines we have come to love from his Flash productions, are all here in Gish. The music? It rocks, all original music can be heard throughout the game. The graphics engine based around openGL means, this game will be cross platform portable, so far announced is a Linux, and Windows version. Could a Mac version be in the works? Well only time will tell.

    Go ahead checkout the latest buzz on Gish at the official website:

    Posted 24 Mar 2004 at 11:34

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