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Avid acquires NxN

Read all about it. (Thanks, Tobi.)

New links

As you may have noticed, I have rearranged the links to other sites on the left side of the page. My previous system was too rigid and did not allow me to link to sites I wanted to link to. (Don’t ask me to explain the logic behind my previous system.) This approach takes up […]

International Game Journalists Association

I just discovered the International Game Journalists Association, which aims to provide resource, community and education to an international group of journalists covering video games. Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time. Here’s hoping they will raise the quality of game journalism. They have their work cut out for them.

Inside Rockstar Vienna shock horror

Yesterday we had a lot of press people in the office, a very rare occurrence. I am by now so conditioned to the extreme secrecy and confidentiality here that having a bunch of strangers in our project room stressed me out, and I had to leave. (A little anecdote: Last year we asked a company […]

Growth business

This Slashdot Games article showed me that the MMO item trading business is more advanced than I thought: With more than 80 employees and thousands of suppliers, IGE is the largest provider in the world of virtual currency exchange and game-enhancement services to players of MMORPGs. The company provides 24x7x365 customer service and tech support […]

New Nintendo hardware revealed

Well, bits of it anyway. article. GameSpy article. Nintendo press release. Update: Thad has a picture of what this beast might look like. To me it all sounds like a way to make another Game Boy without appearing to make another Game Boy. And focus on games aside, I wonder if it will appear […]

His Dark Materials

I have just finished reading Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. I can’t remember when I last felt that mixture of joy and sadness after having read something wonderful. I’d never before taken a closer look at Philip Pullman’s work. Then, late December, for some reason I cannot exactly recall, it caught my eye (perhaps […]

Good week

You know that feeling when you’re playing a game and you discover this room with lots of gold and ammo and cool items? That was what the past week was like for me. It was the first week at work in 2004 for many people in the office, so there was a lot of information […]

Top Ten Independent Games of 2003

I recently read this Game Tunnel article listing their top ten independent games of 2003, and I was very disappointed. Most of the games appear to be shoot-em-ups, and they are lauded for having good production values – in other words, for being like commercial games. This is all very honorable, and I’m sure these […]

Brief blowing of own horn to distract from lack of content

More work = less writing. However. The GTA Double pack is number 1 in the UK XBOX charts, and number 2 in the all format charts. As also noted by Thad, from whom I shamelessly copied those links.