Merry Christmas

My cold, which started last week, got dramatically worse last night. Today, I had to cancel a nice dinner with a friend that I was looking forward to.

This has nothing to do with games, but may help to explain my reduced posting frequency.

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  1. Mark wrote:

    Joyeaux Noel Jurie!

    Get well soon,


    Posted 26 Dec 2003 at 6:11
  2. Stephane Bura wrote:

    Is this a blog about games?

    Get well :)

    Posted 26 Dec 2003 at 18:38
  3. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    There’s a game going on in my body. It’s about the epic conflict between my immune system and the evil invaders from outer space.

    Thanks, both of you :)

    Posted 28 Dec 2003 at 12:22