Monthly Archives November 2003

How many women play games?

Both Game Girl Advance (or, at least, people commenting there) and Chris Crawford doubt the rather positive demographic numbers from a recent ESA press release.

GTA Double Pack Xbox launch

By the time you read this the GTA Double Pack for Xbox should be out in stores in the US. I haven’t read any reviews yet – just commentary from really, really fanatic Xbox fans… Oh well, that should soon change (I mean the reviews, not the commentary).

Gus Van Sant movies as video games

Greg, of, writes about Gus Van Sant’s new movie, Elephant, the techniques it uses, and how it, and Van Sant’s previous movie Gerry, are like video games.

Chris Crawford

Chris Crawford has been in the news recently. Joystick101 did an article on him. The closing remark: Chris Crawford is blazing a trail toward more vibrant, meaningful games. On behalf of those waiting for a holodeck, I hope he remains a shrewd rebel. indicates to me the author has not really grasped what Chris is […]

Cinematic games has published an article called “Cinemascope: Designers and the movies they love”. It starts with: “More and more, developers say they want players of their games to feel as if they were really playing a movie. For better or worse, “interactive movies” are the way things are headed. We decided to ask developers at […]

Lawsuit over True Crime: Streets of LA dropped

Author Robert Crais tried to stop the release of Activision’s True Crime: Streets of LA, but after Activision and developer Luxoflux gave him an in-depth look at the game before it was released, he dropped the lawsuit.