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Critical handmaiden

While going through my referrer stats – one of the many activities I never want to have to explain to my mother – I noticed a link from Timothy Burke’s blog, which I mentioned in an earlier post on Star Wars Galaxies. I found the following particularly interesting: If you want to serve as a […]

Jockstrap Vienna

Of the many games that have been inspired by GTA3, True Crime: Streets of LA is probably the one that tries to be closest to the original. Suddenly the rivalry has gotten a little less friendly. (Thanks Kirsten!)

Game addiction

So far, and somehow unsurprisingly, outside interest in the Level Up conference currently going on in Utrecht seems to focus on addiction and violence. Reuters has some bland things to say on the subject, while Forbes pours scorn on the whole subject.

GTA Double Pack Xbox review

IGN has a review of the GTA Double Pack for Xbox. Interestingly, the obligatory-ad-you-must-see-before-the-review was for… the GTA Double Pack for Xbox. Other than that, the under-the-breath comments from Tommy Vercetti in Vice City and from all the non-playable-characters in both games sound crisp and clear and will be coming from the appropriate direction so […]

Scott Bonds

This is Scott Bonds’ weblog. He wants to work at EA.

The Fat Man on innovation

George “The Fat Man” Sanger has written a book on game audio, called, um, “The Fat Man on Game Audio”. There’s an excerpt here, which talks about setting one’s goals higher than… well… wherever it usually seems to be. On one game to which I had been assigned, I was asked to do “normal game […]

Bruce Sterling blog

Bruce Sterling has a new daily blog. One without an RSS feed – bah. Mr. Sterling writes interesting and entertaining fiction and non-fiction (I’m a particular fan of

John Carmack on Doom 3

Computer And Video Games has a preview of Doom 3, including an interview with John Carmack. It may require registration for full reading. Some excerpts: When it was time to look at the Doom 3 stuff, I investigated five different directions for rendering post-Quake III. Some of them would have given much higher quality renderings […]

Rants on Edge, academia

The Wall Street Journal mentions the Level Up conference in an article asking: Are Videogames Ready To Be Taken Seriously By Media Reviewers? (From Game Girl Advance.) Some choice extracts: British games monthly Edge is getting kudos from both game makers and academics for its higher-brow coverage of the industry. Don’t get me started on […]

Level Up

There’s a big conference on computer games happening in the Netherlands right now. Serious thinking about games… the Netherlands… why am I not there? It must be my impatience with academics. Do I really want to hear about holistic theories of fictionality? The ideology of interactivity? Although it’s fun to see at least three lectures […]