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From Activists from the US Haitian community have joined in a protest against Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City at New York’s City Hall, claiming that the title “advocates the killing of Haitians as entertainment.” Update: I’ve written more on this issue here.

Policy change

At the request of Thaddaeus Frogley, whose real email address is… no, just kidding… I’ve looked into the whole email address thing. Basically, if you give a URL and an email address, your email address is not present in the HTML. If you just give an email address, it is in the HTML, but its […]

Extreme cable salad solution

Is juggling all those game machines becoming too complicated? Why not put an Atari 2600, a Nintendo Entertainment System, a Microsoft Xbox, a Nintendo GameCube, a Sony PlayStation 2 and a custom PC into one box? If you’re contrarian, do the inverse by turning your Nintendo Entertainment System into a PC case.

Peer pressure

Mark Barrett has written a new essay called Peer Pressure (you may have to scroll down if he has written something new by now), in which he writes very nice things about Lee Sheldon and about me. This filled me with great joy (I am easy to please), which is why I wanted to mention […]

New blog in town

Another professional game developer has started a blog: Scott Miller of 3D Realms.

Brief bit of fun

Today, I remembered that Gamespy’s Daily Victim column can be very funny. Especially the one about the guy who plays Majestic and the one about the undead parrot.

Console market studies

Gamespot has reported on a recent study of console gamer behavior by Zelos Group. It contains some interesting tidbits: PlayStation One and GBA are viable platforms. Which reminds me of a well-known console developer asking me why I was still working on a PS1 title. This was in September 1997. Word of mouth rules. This […]

Strange Japanese games, part 3

On a less bizarre note, Ben Carter mentioned a fascinating Japanese game on a mailing list some time ago, and graciously allowed me to quote his description verbatim: I thought I’d mention an interesting game I haven’t heard much about but picked up when I was in Japan recently. Called “Operator’s Side”, it’s a “voice […]

Strange Japanese games, part 2

Now that I’ve started writing about strange Japanese games – and since I have a reputation of eclecticism to uphold, about which more later – I am forced to confront the difficult task of talking about one of the strangest games I’ve ever come across, without using words or phrases that will make me regret […]

Strange Japanese games, part 1

Gamespy has a column about Japanese games. This week it’s about game genres that are unsuccessful outside of Japan. It mentions dating sims, management sims (which is odd as they are are pretty popular in Europe), vehicle sims (again odd, as it is a lucrative niche market in the West – although I admit that […]