Monthly Archives October 2003

Gaming in Iraq

Game Girl Advance linked to this blog entry about gaming in Iraq. It makes Iraq seem less foreign.

Xbox Live launch event

I just came from the Xbox Live launch event, that is, the event to celebrate the launch of Xbox Live in several European countries, among which Austria. It was being held in another part of the building our office is in. It started in a cinema, with a short movie featuring various Xbox Live players, […]

Similarities between GTA: Vice City and Scarface

The similarities between GTA: Vice City and Brian De Palma’s Scarface are fairly obvious, but here is an in-depth analysis. (Thanks, Mike!)

Toilets in games

This is a site (in Russian, apparently) containing pictures of toilets in games. It’s an impressive list: however, they do not have screenshots of Albion, which featured space-age toilets in the human spaceships (designed by Thorsten Mutschall), and weird, organic communal toilet-plants in the houses of the indigenous species (designed by Erik Simon). As far […]

A Call For Expandable Codpieces

There is this trend it seems, in MMO games, to have female characters with otherworldly attributes. Now I know the idea is to lose yourself in a wonderful game of elaborate fantasy, ancient lore, unreal landscapes and diverse species, but I ask you: Does a female Gnome really need to wear a 32 DDD cup? […]

Making fun of Nokia

Over at Sidetalkin. (From Gizmodo.)

Beyond plumbing

I was still ill, so I decided to move to a new weblog system: TypePad. The transfer of the posts was painless. The comments are, alas, all lost. Getting my domain to point to this blog will take only a few days (I hope). But then everything should be properly in one domain, instead of […]

More plumbing

Because I’m ill and have nothing better to do, I’ve made this site HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant (well, unless you go back further than about July…) Also the CSS is compliant. I have little buttons that say so, and if you click on them, the W3C will say so too. Let me know if anything […]

No Escapism

Sony Online Entertainment threatened by wild fires in San Diego. What this apparently means: no customer support in Everquest or Star Wars Galaxies.

Cool Nintendo Famicom 20th anniversary calendar

Nothing more, nothing less.