Monthly Archives August 2003

Bell and / or whistle

You can now select whether you want links from this site to open in a new window or not, by using the checkbox on the left. I lifted the code from I-Boy, the site of my friend George Nimeh, who got it from somewhere else. I also switched to a new look, or more accurately, […]


I just found about the XGameStation from Slashdot via Gizmodo. This is what the XGameStation is: “XGameStation is a 16-bit video game console designed specifically for both hardware and software hackers. The system outputs video and audio directly to any TV via composite video, and is compatible with PlayStation DualShock controllers. Games are played off […]

Middle Earth Online developer diaries

On the website of Middle Earth Online, the MMO under development at Turbine, you can find the development diaries of the art director, production designer, lead quest designer, and a programmer.


Work is continuing. I’ve done a couple of all-nighters, and this is my first full weekend since… what… mid-July? The excitement is mounting. I have fixed something about this site which makes it show properly in Safari and Mozilla. I’m glad I found it, because I use Safari at home and it was getting on […]

Photoshop Fun

Here’s a few amusing images mixing video game covers with references to US culture and politics, from, via 8Bit Joystick.

Trecision goes into liquidation reported: “Italy’s oldest development studio, Trecision, has gone into liquidation after 12 years in business – but the company is hopeful that a buyer may step in to allow the completion of work on its forthcoming football title.” I had some contact with Trecision and Pietro Montelatici, their managing director, when they pitched a […]

Faux pr0n for nerds

“Warning: This site contains graphic images of extreme computer hardware!” Including retro game images. (From BoingBoing.)

Finally a game without violence

Frontal Assault. In other words: Dance Dance Revolution with breasts. No, really. There’s a nude patch too. Good for when you want to relax for five minutes at the office. Oh yes, it has been entered in the Finnish Assembly demo-scene party games competition, yada yada. (From Slashdot, via the anonymous person sitting next to […]

White Wolf Ends The World Of Darkness

“After 12 years of anticipation and development, White Wolf does the unthinkable and brings the World of Darkness to an end. The vampires’ Gehenna, the werewolves’ Apocalypse, the mages’ Ascension – all merge into a great event that not only shakes the world, but destroys it. This is the Time of Judgment and you’re invited.” […]

Shocking new game

You’ve heard of chicks with dicks… you’ve heard of cocks with socks… but what about Chicks With Bricks? Out now, on your Java handy. (Sadly, the description is in German.) I fear what I will be finding in my referrer logs in the next couple of weeks.