Monthly Archives June 2003

Unleash your imagination

Or, rather, watch what happened when other people unleashed their imagination after B3TA challenged them to think up Computer and Video Games That Were Never Made.

New gaming blog

Jason Della Rocca of the IGDA has started a new gaming blog called Reality Panic. It is focussed on the games industry and the state of the medium. I particularly like the following bit from his most recent post: “Anyway, what’s important moving forward is that designers […] explore the boundaries of what can be […]

‘Sims’ Creator Inks TV Deal with Fox

Read all about it.

Activision’s One

A while ago, Matt Matthews from Curmudgeon Gamer wrote a review of an old Activision game for the PS1 called One. I remember looking at it when it came out, because it made good use of the hardware and I was working on a PS1 title at the time. What I remember is a game […]

SARS-themed E3 swag

What it says.