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Sony’s CELL chip / PS3 architecture

KoKoRo, a Japanese blog, has a posting about what is apparently a very educated guess about the PS3’s architecture. It’s very hard to get good information about the PS3 or the CELL chip (1, 2), what with all the PR cloak and dagger warfare going on, but this analysis seems to confirm a rumour I […]

Real law in virtual space

Real law in virtual space F. Gregory Lastowka and Dan Hunter of the University of Pennsylvania’s Legal Studies Department have written a paper on real law in virtual space. Keywords: virtual worlds, cyberlaw, cyberspace governance, intangible property, online rights, avatar rights. (From BoingBoing.)

Google loves me

When you’re desperately looking for information on that Axe shower gel ad, where do you go? That’s right, here. Not only did I find this search in my referrer logs, according to Google I’m the number 1 authority on this particular subject. At least no-one was looking for the nude patch. Update: My 15 milliseconds […]

The Matrix games licensing deal

The Matrix games licensing deal details If you’re interested in how the licensing deal for the Matrix games (both the one developed by Shiny and the MMO in development at Monolith) are structured, OR if you’re interested in Matrix co-creator Larry Wachowski’s private life, read this.

Fortress America’s Weekly Update from 21/05/2003 contained the following paragraph: Indeed, the whole event was marred only by the none-too-gentle ministrations of US immigration officials, who used an obscure part of the immigration laws to detain and then deport a number of British games journalists on the basis of their profession. The event organisers might want […]

Short and simple

Although I think comparisons between non-interactive media forms and interactive entertainment tend to be lame, I think the short and simple Flash-based games that have become common over the last couple of years do bear some resemblance with jokes or single-panel cartoons. Usually, these games are crude (although they are often quite effective at conveying […]

The future of 3D graphics

The future of 3D graphics technology ExtremeTech has a report on David Kirk’s ‘secret’ presentation at WinHEC this year about the future of 3D graphics technology. It’s quite interesting: database sorting using a GeForce FX, real-time photon tracing, real-time radiosity… it’s all there. The report links to this site, which explores the ways GPUs can […]

Sony’s handheld game player

You’ve probably heard about Sony’s PSP, a handheld game player. It sounds smart: they positioned themselves away from Nintendo’s Game Boy and leveraged their engineering capabilities by putting a lot of high tech into it, plus the capability to play movies and connect to other devices. And they’re big enough to have a decent go […]

Game rankings

It can be very useful to have a way of measuring the overall popularity of a given game. is a useful tool for this. Do you know any other sites like this?

The Eminem video game

Read all about it. Can you unlock the mature lyrics in the teen-rated version using a cheat code? Will there be a nude hack? I’m sorry, that’s the most sensible commentary I could come up with. (From