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On with the show

On Game Girl Advance, Justin Hall has written about Raph Koster’s GDC lecture, Small Worlds: Competitive and Cooperative Structures in Online Worlds. It sounds similar to Will Wright’s lecture: a lot of information from a broad range of disciplines in a small amount of time. If your job involves online communities (mine doesn’t), it looks […]

Doom and gloom – response

Well, Greg seems to have touched a nerve. Warren Spector has replied, and Greg has counter-replied in the blog itself. Erik Simon, Raph Koster, Evan Robinson, Jeff Tunnell, Geoff Howland, Tobe Mayr, myself and many others have opined in the Comments. And Greg’s entry has been slashdotted. And while I, for no good reason, have […]

No EA and Eidos for XBox Live

Bloomberg has an article about Electronic Arts and Eidos’s announcements to not support XBox Live. We’re not supporting Xbox Live for the time being because we don’t feel comfortable with Microsoft’s business model — they own the consumer,” said Eidos Chief Executive Mike McGarvey in an interview on March 6. The company is developing games […]

Make up your minds

First, EA says they expected the US market for GameCube games to grow by 15 to 20 percent, instead of 20 to 25 percent, causing Nintendo’s share price to drop over 6% (article in German), and they were reconsidering porting their sports titles to the GameCube. Now, they say they’re announcing they will be collaborating […]

What’s wrong with the games industry

PC Gamer US, April 2003: “It’s as if someone sat down and listed the cool parts of popular games: Nazis, vampires, guns, bullet-time, and cleavage. Then he got his buddies together and persuaded them to make a game called BloodRayne.” Reading PC Gamer US always makes me want to develop console games, simply to distance […]


Wired has an article about this year’s Indie Game Jam. It describes game ideas by Thatcher Ulrich, Brian Sharp, and Chris Hecker, who get their own little themed caricatures. Yay for them. (To briefly touch on my love/hate-relationship with Wired: what’s with the “Fantasy Life of Coder Boys”? How can you celebrate ten years of […]

No fooling

Speaking of employment: on April 1st, I will start working as a project manager at Rockstar Vienna. They also sent me to the GDC, which is pretty neat considering I haven’t even started work yet. The general reaction I got from people at the GDC about my new employer was: “Rockstar! Cool!”, followed by “Rockstar […]

Doom and gloom – follow-up

Tobe gently pointed me towards the comments section of Greg’s below-mentioned blog entry. A small extract: So, it’s not [EA]’s fault. It’s easy to pick on them because they’re the big bad suits. It’s always been the market rule that larger companies take less risks because they have less to gain and more to lose. […]


Well, some innovation at least: at E3 2002, Sony announced the EyeToy, a widget that allows players to use a USB web cam as an input device for the PlayStation 2. It was presented to the public at this year’s CeBIT, currently under way in Hannover, Germany. There are about 15 to 20 EyeToy-games in […]

Doom and gloom

Greg Costikyan has a very heart-felt (and profanity-laden) blog entry about this year’s GDC, and about the current state of the game industry. Basically, he feels frustrated about the lack of innovation and creativity in the gaming industry, a topic which the industry in general and Greg in particular have been talking about for a […]