Monthly Archives February 2003

“Based on actual torture!”

This article describes how modern art, such as surrealism and cubism, was used to torture prisoners during the Spanish civil war. My immediate reactions to this article fell into two categories: 1. Humor. Horrible as it is, at some level I find this very funny. I certainly think a lot of contemporary art could be […]


Although I find the conclusions a bit too optimistic, this article about Lynn Robson has some interesting information on Frognation, a company that is unlike the typical developer or publisher: virtual, distributed, multi-cultural, working in multiple entertainment media.

Groundhog instant

Remember IF? Interactive fiction? The whole scene of people who are still making and playing text adventures? I’ve been meaning to dive in there for a long time, but as always it’s hard to find the time. But recently I came across Aisle, an experimental piece of IF by Sam Barlow. It won a XYZZY […]

Background information

I have always been very interested in new input and output devices, especially ones that break through the barrier of computers / consumer electronics and furniture. The technology is there: all that’s left now is a clever marketing concept / protocol in order to exploit the network effect. In other words: make something cheap that […]

Broad audience

As you may know (or will, after reading this, this and this), Japanese comics or manga address a broader audience than US superhero comics. This description of a console RPG called Princess Crown gives me the impression that this applies to video games as well as comics: “In Princess Crown, you control the actions of […]

Out there

This site by Alan Kwan contains a lot of reviews of weird and wonderful Japanese games you don’t ordinarily see in Europe or the US. How about Kitty On Your Lap, “the dream game for players who like 2D anime-style cat-eared girls”? Or Cotton 2: Magical Night Dreams, a shoot-em-up? “In Cotton 2, the player […]


Simple as it is, I liked the game design challenge mentioned below so much that it completely overwhelmed the post. So I cut it up. The random or pseudo-random juxtaposition of elements is an excellent way of stimulating creativity and discovery. An exercise I once did with some friends in France over lunch involved taking […]

Spotlight On Games

Spotlight On Games is a site with a ton of information on board games, including an interesting scorecard and a game design challenge.

The creative struggle

Here‘s a great interview with Terry Gilliam about being creative in a commercial context.

Charting MMOs

Here is an interesting chart showing the number of active subscriptions of various MMORPGs since January 1997.