Monthly Archives February 2003

Biting humor

“I figure if we want to break out into the female market and still sell some units to our hard core audience, the game oughta have chicks in it, right?” “Superior thinking, Dave.” “I thought so, too. OK, since we have to have chicks in the game, and chicks are always worried about how they […]

Social mobiles

IDEO, a design company, has designed five social mobiles to provoke discussions about the social impact of mobile phones. These are not meant as products, although working models have been built. This phone delivers a variable level of electric shock depending on how loudly the person at the other end is speaking. As a result […]

Birth of a nation

HomeLAN has an interview with John DeMargheriti of Micro Forté in Australia. It is very interesting. John discusses the origins of pretty much the entire Australian game development industry, including the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, the Australian Game Developers Conference, the Game Developers Association of Australia, etc. No word about Melbourne House, the oldest Australian […]

Violence, games, and politics: they all go together

Gamers With Jobs has an excellent interview with Henry Jenkins (part 1 and part 2). It gives a good overview over the debate over violence in games in the US, the court cases, the proposed bills, the state of research, etc. etc. It also mentions the Creative Leaders Workshops he organized with Electronic Arts, which […]

Interactive storytelling galore

On March 24 to 26 2003, the 1st International Conference on Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment (TIDSE03) is held in Darmstadt, Germany. It sounds pretty interesting. Chris Crawford is doing a keynote speech. Andrew Stern, who worked on the excellent Dogz and Catz products, is talking about his new project, which sounds intriguing. John […]

Article on independent game development

O’Reilly’s has an article on independent game development. It discusses Garage Games, the Torque engine, the Independent Game Developers Conference, open source middleware, the independent game business strategy, and scripting languages.

The Soul Ride engine goes GPL

The Soul Ride engine is now open source.

Sovereign is dead

Sony’s massively multiplayer real time strategy game Sovereign is dead after 4.5 years in development. I heard in 2000 that it was sent back to the drawing board (after it had already been announced) because the game’s design did not take bandwidth costs into account.

Power law

I could make an attempt to link this article by Clay Shirky to interactive entertainment, but I won’t. I think it’s highly interesting for a number of reasons, some of which do involve Pac-Man and its progeny, but you better decide for yourself: A persistent theme among people writing about the social aspects of weblogging […]


Adrenaline Vault has an article on the sociological aspects of driving games. It’s pretty interesting. Driving games have always been about the fulfillment of socially sanctioned male fantasies. I would expand that to: games are about the fulfillment of fantasies. Forget “socially sanctioned”: transgression is a powerful fantasy, and therefore a major cause of controversy. […]