Monthly Archives December 2002

The limits of process

The last few years it has become a lot more popular to think about process in game development land, doubtlessly caused by lessons painfully learned in train-wrecked projects and a dawning realization that even our brethren (and sisthren) from the non-entertainment software industry are doing it. However, wearing a T-shirt saying “yay process” and reading […]

Albion more popular than Final Fantasy

Albion is the title of the PC role-playing game I worked on from 1994 to 1996 at Blue Byte Software in Germany. Final Fantasy is the title of a console role-playing game series from Square. According to Googlefight, Albion is more popular than Final Fantasy.

Hogshead Publishing is closing down

This does not directly involve computer games, but I have just found out that Hogshead Publishing, a pen and paper role-playing game publisher in the UK, is closing down. Hogshead was responsible for a number of innovative products, including Nobilis and the New Style line, which consists of small, innovative role-playing games by top designers […]

Battle of Helm’s Deep: game technology

I have recently been reading about Massive, the technology used to create the climactic Battle of Helm’s Deep segment in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and I was struck by the similarity with game technology. Massive, which stands for Multiple Agent Simulation System In Virtual Environment, was developed by Stephen Regelous for the […]

Get Ready Player 1

Well, here is the first proper post. Basically I have no idea how this is going to develop over time, but I figure getting into the thick of things and seeing what happens is a good way to find out. So here goes. I will initially be using this blog to post and comment on […]